(7) Environmentalism


The Failure and Future of Environmentalism


The Future of Environmentalism

Environmentalism, then, involves hundreds of international environmental groups, thousands of national groups, and tens of thousands of local ones.

It also includes hundreds of international agreements, hundreds of national environmental agencies, and countless environmental sections in other organizations-from ones in MNCs to ones in regional and international organizations.

Environmental concepts such as sustainable development, the precautionary principle, corporate social responsibility, and eco-labeling percolate from all of these sources. Every year new ideas, refinements, policies, institutions, markets, and problems continue to enter into environmental debates and discourses-so many from so many different sources and is possibly capture all of it.

We will try strategically skips across issues, concepts, time, organizations, and cultures, without pretensions, but rather with the aim of producing an inclusive, wide-ranging, and global history of environmentalism.

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