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Environmental Accountability ( Part 1 of 2 )


Accountability (AA)

Founded in 1996 as the Institute for Social and Ethical AccountAbility, AccountAbility, or AA, promotes socially accountable business practices, including increasing the credibility of sustainability reports. Its 350 members include private firms, civil society organizations, and research bodies.

AAfirst published its AA1000 Framework in 1999 as a principles-based standard applicable to any sector of any size in any region. It is designed to help organizations strengthen accountability and social responsibility through superior social and ethical accounting, auditing, and reporting.

Through systematic engagement of stakeholders, AAis supposed to increase transparency and improve organizational performance.

There are four parts: AA1000 Purpose and Principles; AA1000 Framework for Integration; AA1000 Assurance Standard; and AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard. In 2008, over 150 organizations were using or referring to the AA1000 Assurance Standard as part of strategies to advance corporate social responsibility.

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