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NASA explains how human activities contribute to global warming



All of us breathe from the same atmosphere, drink the same waters, and are fed from the land.

All of us depend, more than we can know, on the stability of the same biogeochemical cycles, including the movement of carbon from plants to the atmosphere, oceans, soils, and living creatures.

All of us are vulnerable to the remorseless workings of the large numbers that govern Earth systems.

All of us are stitched to a common fabric of life, kin to all other life forms.

All of us are products of the same evolutionary forces and carry the marks of our long journey in time.

Each of us is a small part of a common story that began three billion years ago.

We are all made of stuff that was once part of stars, and we will all become dust to be remade someday into other life forms.

As persons, we are visitors on the Earth for only a brief moment. As a species, however, we are in our adolescence, and as is common at that stage of life we live dangerously. Specifically, we have created three ways to commit suicide: by nuclear annihilation, by ecological degradation, and, as computer scientist Bill Joy notes, by the consequences of our own cleverness eviction by technologies that can self-replicate and might one day find Homo sapiens useless and inconvenient.

We have entered an era that Harvard biologist Edward O. Wilson calls “the bottleneck” (Wilson, 2002, pp. 22–41).


United Nations Environment Programme

 Special consultative status

Environment Support Group

Economic and Social Council


Honorary President

His Imperial and Royal Highness Prince Amedeo


 Prof. Dr. Albert Gore


 Prof. Dr. Jorge R.S. (Van der Loo) (offic. H.H.B.G.H.)


Our goals are:

Solve environmental problems and promote sustainable societies through the use of law;

Incorporate fundamental principles of ecology and justice into international law;

Strengthen national environmental law systems and support public interest movements around the world; and

Educate and train public-interest-minded environmental jurists.

The trap was founded on ignorance of our impact on the biogeochemical cycles of Earth, which posed no serious problems when we were fewer and depended on sunlight and wind for our energy. But now the six and a half billion of us, soon perhaps to be eight or nine billion, are living carbon-intensive lives.

We set the trap and it will now take our most creative and sustained efforts to avert catastrophe and that will require reducing our carbon footprint from 22 tons per person per year to 1-2 tons or even less. But even then, “when this centuries-long climate storm subsides, it will leave behind a new, warmer climate state that will persist for thousands of years. That’s the basic outlook.”

Consultative Organization

We are a non-profit organization with a mission to make the health of the environment an intrinsic part of everyday life and to inspire governments, organizations, and individuals to make informed decisions that effect positive environmental change.

We can accomplish this through television and multimedia productions which tell entertaining and thought-provoking stories that present both the realities of our current environment and highlight possible solutions to environmental problems; and through innovative outreach programs that are used to put educational tools directly into the hands of country citizens, organizations and individuals, community groups and other organizations working for change.

We provide a wide range of services including legal counsel, policy research, analysis, advocacy, economics, education, training, and capacity building.

In the fossil fuel age we lived in the unspoken faith that there are no “booby traps for unwary species,” as biologist Robert Sinsheimer once put it. Unwittingly we set our own, and now the carbon trap is nearly sprung. Even before the coal and oil age we exploited carbon-rich soils and forests, and that is the history of rising and falling empires and the uneven march of civilization.

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