Our planet earth

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Native peoples, completely dependent on nature for everything in their lives, worshipped Earth as a nurturing mother. The soil sprouted plants and trees that provided food, clothing, and shelter. The rivers and seas gave up fish and shellfish for food, trade articles, and tools. From the atmosphere came rain, snow, and wind to water crops and adjust the seasons. Earth, never stagnant or dull, provided abundantly for early stewards of her resources. Ancient peoples thought that Mother Earth worked together with Father Sun to provide for those who honored her. In early Greek mythology, the Earth goddess, Gaia, mother of the Titans, was honored as an all-nourishing deity. When Gaia was happy, crops flourished, fishermen and hunters were successful, and everything thrived. Today, astronauts who orbit Earth in space ships and scientific laboratories marvel at her beauty while working toward her care. Other scientists, engineers, and test pilots have communicated their wonder and appreciation for our fragile world through environmental efforts that address global issues. Any study of the environment includes many facets of this planet we call home. Environmental science encompasses worldwide environmental factors like air, light, moisture, temperature, wind, soil, and other living organisms.

Environmental biology includes all the external factors that affect an organism or community and that influence its development or existence The Earth’s almost limitless beauty and complexity provide broad areas for scientific study. Researchers from many different fields are focusing their skills on the mechanisms and interactions of hundreds of environmental factors. These natural and industrial factors affect the environment in ways that are known and suspected, as well as those totally unidentified. Although some changes have been taking place for millions of years, some appear to be accelerating. Today, environmental scientists are sorting through tons of data in order to increase their understanding of the impacts of modern processes on all environmental aspects. 



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